20 minutes to regenerate your skin for only 35€.

Summer is here and to welcome the warm rays of the sun, you need to prepare your skin in the best possible way.

Here are our tactments to regenerate and moisturise your body and face!


Mint Scrub

Treat yourself to the pleasure of renewing your skin with the detoxifying power of Sicilian sea salt and peppermint essential oils from Piedmont.

An aspecial line that combines the MEI SPA Sotto Sale ritual with a skin toning and firming action.



Gold of Sardinia Scrub

Immerse yourself in an exclusive treatment with an olive oil, myrtle and aloe juice scrub.

Ideal for regenerating the skin and giving it a breath of fresh air.



Special Rosa Mei facial treatment 

Nourishes and regenerates your face with the precious benefits of Persian Rose essential oil, the richness of Shea butter, palm oil and Avocado oil.

These elements will make your skin as good as new, ideal for soothing irritations and invigorating your face.