Light legs

To improve the microcirculation slowed and give you new legs

Summer is just around the corner and there is nothing better than facing it with light legs. At Le Ali del Frassino, we have devised an exclusive treatment for your legs, aimed at improving slowed microcirculation and reducing swelling, alleviating the feeling of heavy legs.

Our treatment uses the four best D&A essential oils, composed of pure active ingredients, blended to create a perfect synergy that lightens your legs and improves circulation. Diamond, Topaz Light, Crystal and Desert Rose oils are the perfect allies for a treatment of infinite well-being.

Through a wrap enriched with these precious essences, your legs will be completely regenerated. The treatment will not only relieve the feeling of heaviness, but will also give your legs freshness and lightness.

To amplify the beneficial effects of the treatment, you can opt for the 50-minute version, which includes a regenerating massage.



Book your appointment today and get ready to experience a summer with light and regenerated legs.

25-minute treatment - with regenerating essential oil wrap for €40

50-minute treatment - complete with wrap and massage for €80

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