Guardians of a Natural Oasis

Is a Great responsibility and a great privilege for us.

Being guardians of a Natural Oasis is a great responsibility and a great privilege for us.

On the day dedicated to the earth, we would like to tell you about the wonder that surrounds us and our dedication to preserve it.




Oasi del Frassino

The "Oasi del Frassino" is a protected area, declared by the Ministry of the Environment SIC, that is to say a special protection area for wild birds which offers several habitats for various animal and plant species.

At least 160 species of birds have been identified, including about 40 nesting ones.

The small lake is especially important as a safe place for diving ducks during the winter months.

Valuing this natural heritage is essential for us and our commitment is primarily directed towards the protection and divulgation of information.



Organic vineyard

In 2019 an organic vineyard was created.

The choice was to use the structure of vineyards "married" with trees (mulberry, field maple) for the naturalistic interest they offer, but above all for the favorable effect that this type of accommodation can have on some species of birds of agricultural environment.

Attention is paid to the integrated development of the plant in the natural rhythms and to the combination between the species, in fact mulberry trees have been planted on the heads to guarantee a floristic enrichment.



400 New native trees

In 2019 we planted 400 new native trees that will provide oxygen and refuge for many species in the years to come.

Along the coast there are at least 5 centuries old trees and the path along the lake is ideal to assimilate all the purifying energy that the trees offer.




Spelt field with cornflowers and poppies

In 2019, a spelt field was seeded with cornflowers and poppies, too.

The only purpose of this seeding is to promote biodiversity and increase the naturalistic and landscape value of the area.

The idea is to make it a conservation area for many plant species and habitats threatened with extinction at both local and European level.




UNESCO: World Heritage prehistoric pile-dwelling sites 

The lake is home to one of the pile-dwelling sites that UNESCO has listed as a World Heritage Site since June 2012, called "Prehistoric lake-dwelling sites in the Alps".

Although Lake Frassino is a small morainic basin, it is very important for the quantity of ceramic material found.

The objects found are much more intact than in other contemporary contexts.

For this reason over the years we have supported the association "Tosina" which has made great efforts to resurface centuries of history of our territory.




Belvedere Suite: beauty and love of nature come together

In 2018 we built new eco-friendly suites.

An ambitious project that wanted to integrate the new buildings harmoniously into the surrounding environment.

The suites are completely covered with natural larch slats and have a sedum roof with solar panels.



As a Resort, our choices are aimed at protecting the territory.

Short supply chain and sustainability are the watchwords for the choice of our suppliers, the aim is to promote local flavours and offer a more sustainable consumption to our guests.


Love for nature is a constant that has guided our choices until today.

Sharing our corner of paradise with you is our greatest joy!