Corporate Dinners

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Looking for the perfect location for your Corporate Dinner?

We have the solution!


We know how important it is for you to share special moments with your team and your customers, which is why we want to make your 2023 Corporate Dinner an unforgettable experience.


How will we do it?

Here is our proposal for those who choose us in advance!


A customised menu

We are ready to create a tailor-made menu for your dinner, adapting it to your preferences to ensure that every dish is perfect for everyone.


Lounge for an Evening Party

For all corporate dinners with a minimum number of 50 participants, we put the spacious Lounge room at your disposal, so you can extend the event with an exciting evening party.

A special gift for all your guests

We have thought of a special gift for your guests, so that they will remember this year's corporate dinner for a long time to come.


- Personalised Spa Voucher each guest will receive a personalised voucher with your logo, valid for one entrance to the "Le Ali del Frassino" wellness centre and a special 20% discount coupon to be used for all wellness treatments and 50-minute massages.


- Lugana Wine Bottle you can choose to give a bottle, with personalised packaging, of the renowned Lugana wine.



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Together we will organise your memorable corporate dinner