All our efforts to look after this wonderful oasis have paid off!

We have received the Biodiversity Friends certification

Today is Earth Day and it seemed the perfect time for an important announcement:

we have received the Biodiversity Friends certification from the prestigious World Biodiversity Association.

Biodiversity expresses the quantity of animal and plant species living within an area and represents the most important resource of our planet's natural systems.

The biodiversity indices analysed by the certifying body are soil, life in water and life in the atmosphere.

Every choice we have made over the years has kept the harmonisation between production and biodiversity conservation as its main objective, and we wish to share our commitment to preserve this wonderful natural oasis:

- In 2019, we implemented an organic vineyard. Our choice was to use the structure of vineyards "marinated" with trees (mulberry, field maple) for the naturalistic interest they offer, but above all for the favourable effect this type of arrangement can have on certain species of birds in the agrarian environment.

- 400 new native trees have been planted, providing oxygen and shelter for many species. There are at least five century-old trees along the coast.

- We sowed a field of spelt with cornflowers and poppies. The sole purpose of this sowing is to promote biodiversity and increase the natural value of the area. The idea is to make it a conservation area for numerous plant species and habitats threatened with extinction.

- Many of the Resort's buildings have sedum roofs that take on a new value in terms of sustainability, acting not only on the already well-known environmental qualities in favour of biodiversity, but also on the protection of resources such as water. 

The abundance of food generated by the biodiversity of Lake Frassino is undoubtedly a determining factor in the choice of migratory birds; in fact, at least 160 species of birds have been reported. The Oasi del Frassino is a protected area declared by the Ministry of the Environment as a SCI, i.e. a special protection zone for wild birds that offers numerous habitats for different species of flora and fauna.

All our efforts to look after this wonderful oasis have paid off!

This important recognition guarantees that our production activities do not lead to a loss of biodiversity in the area.  Nature is our most precious resource, and we wish to preserve it for future generations.