The Oasis Bees

Precious jewellery for the health of the ecosystem

ources over the years to contribute to the harmonisation of production and biodiversity conservation.

In particular, every year a field of spelt is sown with cornflowers and poppies in order to facilitate bee life. The sole purpose of this sowing is to promote biodiversity and increase the naturalistic value of the area, with the aim of making it a conservation area for numerous plant species and habitats threatened with extinction.

The blooms of the oasis, the inflorescences of the sedum roofs that cover the beautiful Belvedere suites and the numerous fruit plants in the park play an important role in ensuring their proliferation.

In addition, the abundance of food generated by the biodiversity of Lake Frassino is a determining factor in the selection of migratory birds, with at least 160 bird species reported. The Oasi del Frassino is a protected area declared by the Ministry of the Environment to be a SCI, or Site of Community Interest, a special protection zone for wild birds, offering numerous habitats for different species of flora and fauna.

It is a natural paradise to be discovered in person to savour its benefits!