Boutiques and Officials' Paglione open

From 16Th June

From 16Th June, the boutiques and premises will be open, ready to welcome and amaze citizens and tourists.

On the ground floor there will be 11 boutiques promising to bring exclusive high quality products to Peschiera. Among these will be two new gems from the Ristoclassique group, 'Pavillon Cafè Restaurant', which combines art, history and signature cuisine, and 'Floreali', a bar with an innovative concept where you can buy a bouquet of flowers while enjoying a fresh drink.

Dispensa degli Ufficiali will amaze you with its venue with a vintage flavour intertwined with the most modern mixology techniques.

There will also be fashion gems such as Luis Trenker men's and women's clothing since 1995, Verdelli Boutique with a corner dedicated to Borsalino hats, and Domina Positano, which brings a breath of fresh air with a Mediterranean flavour with its women's clothing.

For sports enthusiasts there will be the innovative products of UYN, which offers shoes, clothing and accessories for all kinds of sports.

Bngrs will present 100% made in Italy shoes suitable for every occasion.

Completing the range of proposals will be the renowned eyewear group Ottica Lux and Chiara Hair Fashion a team of expert hairdressers who will give the finishing touch to your look.

Interior design enthusiasts will find multiple solutions in Primamano's shop made of modern resins.

The Officers' Pavilion has awakened and is ready to show itself in all its splendour!